Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress
Type of Attraction
21 minutes

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress is a rotating theater show that features an audio-animatronic family in four different time periods, showing all the different advances in technology.

The Show


"Welcome, to Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress" - The Narrator

This scene has the narrator of the attraction explaining the history of the show.

The Carousel of Progress was thought up and created by Walt Disney for the 1964 New York World's Fair. The show was an immediate smash hit and millions of people came to see it. Since then, the Carousel of Progress has had more performances than any other stage show in the history of American theater.

Walt Disney loved the idea of progress. He thought it would bee fun to watch the average American family experience all the new wonders of the 20th century as they came, so he put them in a show and called it the "Carousel of Progress". The show has experienced a few changes as technology itself has improved but the central theme of "progress" has remained.

The show's theme song ("Big Beautiful Tomorrow") begins to play and the theater rotates to the right.

Scene 1 - The Early 1900's

This scene takes place near Valentine's Day around the turn of the century. The main character and the father of the family, John, is sitting down in the kitchen.

John starts off by saying that things can't get any better with buildings 20-stories high, movie theaters, and that there are almost eight thousand automobiles in the country. He even jokingly mentions two brothers in North Carolina that are working on a "flying contraption". They have gas lamps, telephones, cast-iron stoves, a reservoir that keeps water hot on coal, and their new ice box.

He begins to talk to mother who is washing the clothes. He says that he was reading about Thomas Edison and his idea for snap-on electric lights. She becomes excited because she wont need to use gas lamps. She starts to talk about her washing contraption and how it only takes five hours instead of two days to wash clothes. She then goes to take the clothes off the line before it starts raining "cats and dogs".

The focus is then taken to James, John's son, who is using a stereoscope watching a performer from the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair (the father tells him to put it away before mother sees). Then some music starts playing on a phonograph.

We then see Patricia, the daughter, getting ready for a Valentines Day dance. She is going to go there on a new "horseless trolley".

John thinks about going to the local soda fountain for a Sarsaparilla (before realizing that people call it Root Beer now). But before he goes he starts singing "Big Beautiful Tomorrow" and the theater begins rotating again.

Scene 2 - The 1920's
Scene 3 - The 1940's
Scene 4 - The Futuristic Present
The Ending/Exit

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