Treasure Cove
Treasure Cove Concept Art
Shanghai Disneyland
Theme Pirates of the Caribbean
Opening date 2015
Treasure Cove is a themed area currently being constructed at Shanghai Disneyland in Pudong, Shanghai based upon the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film franchise. It with open on Fall 2015.


The land will feature a brand new unique version of the classic "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction, called Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Sunken Treasure, utilizing brand new effects and technology not seen in any other version of the ride.

Future Attractions

  • El Teatro Fandango
  • Explorer Canoes
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Sunken Treasure
  • Stunt Theater

Future Restaurants & Refreshiments

  • Pintel & Rigetti's Grub to Grab
  • The Snackin' Kracken
  • Tortuga Treat

Future Shops

  • Barbossa's Bounty
  • Doubloon Market


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