Space Mountain
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Tokyo Disneyland
Land Tomorrowland
Designer WED Enterprises
Manufacturer WED Enterprises
Attraction type Roller coaster
Theme Spaceflight
Propulsion method Chain lift
Opening date April 15, 1983
Vehicle capacity 12
Cars per vehicle 2
Guests per car 6
Ride duration 2:45 minutes
Length 3035 ft (925.1 m)
Track height 75 ft (22.9 m)
Maximum speed 32 mph (51.5 km/h)
Height requirements 40" (102 cm)
Number of lifts 3
Sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company of Japan
Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland opened with the park on April 15, 1983. It was the first version of Space Mountain to open concurrently with the park. As with the other Space Mountains, this version is also highly popular with young adults and roller coaster fans. Along with its Walt Disney World counterpart, it is currently one of the only Space Mountains without an on-board soundtrack.



From its opening in 1983 and until late 2006, Tokyo Disneyland's Space Mountain was an almost exact clone of Disneyland's Space Mountain as it had opened in 1977. Apart from some outside architectural elements (absence of the Space Stage and Peoplemover track) with the exception of both having the same shape and dimensions, the interior was the same, although there were some different effects (the tractor beam light on the second lift hill changed during the climb, and the re-entry effect was a blue hexagonal pattern). The track layouts, rocket designs, and original special effects and elements were the same as its Californian counterpart. Its Sponsor is Coca Cola and has its own pre-show.


The new Space Mountain has a more sci-fi futuristic look to it, there are new effects, the new station which features a futuristic spaceship hanging from the ceiling. The ride has changed but the effects are built on top the original ride effects. Like its California counterpart, it now includes a hyperspeed tunnel at the end of the ride. Ever since 2009 for the Holiday season, The exterior at night became a light show while playing Christmas music in the background but the actual ride remains unchanged. The Sponsor is unchanged but the logo & pre-show are.


Grand Opening: April 15, 1983 (Opened with Tokyo Disneyland)

Re-Launching Date: April 28, 2007

Designers: Walt Disney Imagineering

Vehicles: 14 Rockets

Vehicle Theme: Rocket

Building Diameter: 200 feet (61 m)

Largest Drop: 17 feet (5.15 m)

Building Height: 118 feet (35 m)

Track Length: 3,450 feet (1052 m)

Volume: 1.8 million cubic feet (51,000 m³)

Top Speed: 30 miles per hour (48 km/h)

Height Requirement: 40 inches (1.02 m)

Ride Duration: 2:45

Ticket Required: "E" Ride System: Roller coaster

Sponsor: Coca Cola, Ltd. of Japan