Land Future World (The Land)
Opening date May 5, 2005
Previous attractions Kitchen Kabaret (1982-1994)
Food Rocks (1994-2004)


The cast members wear costumes that resemble flight attendant costumes, whereas Disney California Adventure version uses airfield crew costumes. The idea is that guests are taking flights to California, rather than already being there. This is further reinforced in the theming that you are loaded into "gates" and with airport-themed spiels which include that you are onboard "Flight 5505", which is a homage to the opening day of the attraction (May 5, 2005).

Interactive Queue

The Epcot standby queue originally featured pictures of natural wonders from around the world, not just California. There was (and still is) very little reference to the fact that the ride only features California. The queue currently utilizes a new infrared technology that allows guests to participate in interactive games. In 2009, this interactive game technology appeared in the Magic Kingdom as part of a seven-month overhaul of Space Mountain. Now, as you ready for your aerial adventure, check out the interactive games you can play while in the standby line. State-of-the-art infrared technology allows you to participate in up to 5 different games on massive digital projection screens using your body. Train your bird for a race, collect treasures as you pilot a hot-air balloon, "pop the blobs" to reveal a picture underneath, or create a virtual landscape by moving mountains and planting seeds.

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