Rock Candy Mountain

Rock Candy Mountain
Park Section
Attraction type
Junior rollercoaster

Rock Candy Mountain was a scrapped ride idea at Disneyland park that was supposed to open in the 1950's. The ride would take place in a ginormous candy mountain with lollipops and rock candy formations everywhere lurking. The mountain was supposed to be made out of candy itself.

Ride Description

The Casey Jr Circus Train would weave its way up and around the mountain, whilst the Storybook Land Canal Boats would have sailed through the caverns beneath it. The interior of the mountain would have acted as the finale for the cruise, with elaborate scenes from the Land of Oz as Walt had just bought the rights to L. Frank Baum's books. A number of scenes were considered, the final of which would have been a birthday party for Dorothy. Thirty-three scale models were built, including Dorothy, the Wicked Witch of the West, and Tik-Tok.

Originally the mountain was going to be made to look like it was made out of transparent rock candy, but Walt realized it would be too difficult to keep the crystal mountain clean. Instead, the Imagineers went out and bought dozens of types of candy (Walt even had some ribbon taffy custom made for the Imagineers) which they built up into a mountain of licorice, gumdrops, candy canes and fudge - the mountain would have even had gooey red waterfalls cascading down its sides.

Ride Cancellation

The ride's idea was put in drawers after Walt and the Imagineers felt something weird about the ride. John Hench said that the ride would look unappealing plus sickly, a tummy ache waiting to happen, and unappealing. Walt agreed with everyone else. It was replaced by Matterhorn Bobsleds.

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