Raging Spirits

Raging Spirits
Park section
Lost River Delta
Opening date
July 21, 2005
Ride type
Steel roller coaster

Raging Spirits is a thrilling, high-speed roller coaster at Tokyo DisneySea. It is one of the four attractions in the Lost River Delta port-of-call. The ride is based off of Incan and Aztecs and their buildings in the mountains of Peru.

Ride synopsis

The attraction takes riders on a journey through ruins of an Incan/Aztec temple. Riders first ascend the lift hill, then turn to the right and drop down. Riders then lift back up, and turn left. The ride then reaches a brake system, and the vehicle drops down and curves to the left. The ride continues to go left, and then goes straight, until the ride curves downwards to the left into a 360-degree loop, and the ride ascends upwards again. The ride then helixes twice to the right, then lifts up and goes into a brake system before turning right again. Riders then take a small drop again and the vehicle goes into another brake. The vehicle then drops to the right into a wet mist cloud before stopping in the final brake system.

Photo Gallery

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