Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland
Land New Orleans Square
Designer WED Enterprises
Attraction type Boat voyage
Theme Pirates of the Caribbean
Propulsion method 2
Soft opening date March 16, 1967
Opening date March 18, 1967
Vehicle type Boat
Vehicle names Pirate ships
Ride duration 15:30 minutes
Maximum speed 3 mph (4.8 km/h)
Number of lifts 1
Drops 2

Pirates of the Caribbean is a log flume mixed in with a dark ride at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California and at Tokyo Disneyland in Japan that takes you back in time to the 17th century and experience the pillaging of pirates in the Caribbean. At Disneyland, it opened on March 18, 1967, while at Tokyo Disneyland, it opened together with the park on April 15, 1983.


This is an indoor log flume based on Florida's version except the first scene in Florida was a talking waterfall


When waiting for the ride, once you are inside the ride's building, you will see wall paintings of various pirates you'll see on the ride. Just before the loading area, you will also see a talking parrot seated next to a treasure map and behind a Jolly Roger flag.

150px-Disneyland-POTC entrance

The main entrance to the ride

Blue Bayou

When getting onto the ride, you start at Laffite's Landing dock in the calm, lazy Blue Bayou. After loading, you proceed through the quiet bayou passing by the Blue Bayou Restaurant, fireflies, the sound of croaking frogs, and a man smoking a pipe on the porch of his cabin. Then, you head into a cave, make a sharp right turn and find a talking jolly roger (voiced by Xavier Atencio embedded into the wall. He warns you about the plundering pirates below, starting with "Avast there maties..". Right after you approach him, you drop about fifteen or twenty feet down into the Grotto.


After coming off the first drop, you proceed a few feet and then go on another drop, which is much smaller. Then, you pass a hermit crab pinching his claws. Throughout the grotto, you see many moving skeletons, such as driving a broken helm of a wooden ship, one drinking wine that you see him swallow, one skeleton pirate captain buried in treasure, one looking at a mirror in his bed, and another stabbing himself with his sword. As you exit the grotto, you hear the hymns in the background over again, "Dead men tell no tales" (voiced by Paul Frees) and encounter and go through the reappearing mist image of a Davy Jones hologram (voiced by Bill Nighy- added in 2006).


skeleton with pirate ship helm in the grotto

Main Show/End

Now comes the climax of the ride. Once you exit the grotto scene, you see a pirate galleon blasting cannons at a Caribbean fort. The cannon firings are formed by mist images and light effects in the water. You notice that the pirate captain is Captain Barbosa (voiced by Geoffrey Rush- also added in 2006) saying crazy lines firing the cannons as he holds his sword. Then, once you proceed, to your right, you'll see the town magistrate, Carlos getting dunked in a well by two pirates and other villagers are lined up behind him awaiting to be dunked. One of the pirates is a captain who is questioning him about the town's treasure. Carlos wife is opening her windows in their house behind the well saying, "Be brave Carlos, be brave". If you look left of the well, you'll see Captain Jack Sparrow hiding behind a lining of clothes from the Costuera shop (also added in 2006 along with two other Captain Jack scenes). To your left is the famous "bride auction scene". You'll see pirates auctioning off beautiful young women-villagers- four or five who are lined up. They include a middle-aged woman with a sobbing teenage girl, a short chubby lady, and on the wooden stage, a tall lady who is skinny and has red hair.

The wenches

To the right of the red haired lady is the bride auctioneer pirate (voiced by Paul Frees) who offer each of the brides for a certain amount of gold. Then, another pirate who is on the bridge (which you will go under) calls for the red haired lady which the auctioneer accepts.
Jack Sparrow Hiding in Barrel

Captain Jack's popping out of the barrel behind the "pooped pirate"

Then, the pirates start chanting, and another pirate shoots his rifle signaling them to stop, which his heard throughout the town. As you go under the bridge ahead, the donkey right after the bridge neighs in response to the gunshot. Right after you pass the neighing donkey, you will see women on top of a building, chasing drunk pirates with knives. To the bottom of that, a fat drunken pirate (the "pooped pirate" is looking at a map to help guide him to the treasure. Little does he notice that Jack Sparrow is popping out from a barrel behind him, looking at his plans to help seek the treasure. As you exit that scene going under another bridge, to your right, you'll find a pirate playing with a cat saying "here kitty, kitty". Once you are under that bridge, to your left, you will see three pirates singing the famous song written by Xavier Atencio, "A Pirate's Life for Me" in front of another neighing donkey (in a stable); one sings while playing the banjo, another plays the flute, and another another just sings. As you go further into this scene, you will see more drunk pirates singing the same song in front of a building that they are burning down. To your right, you will see a drunk pirate snuggling with muddy pigs. Then, just inches away is the entrance to a prison where there are three cells. There are pirates jailed in these cells. In the cell that is most noticeable, you will see three pirates in jail holding a bone begging the dog in front of them to give the key that unlocks the cell. The dog refuses and stays put while wagging his head. Then, you will go ahead and out of the prison and go through the remains of burned down buildings that creak. Right after that, you will see that four reckless pirates around you attempt to shoot the guests on the ride vehicle but fail. They are singing "A Pirates Life for Me" way out of tune. Straight ahead you will see a lift hill. Once you get on the hill, to your left is one final scene with Jack Sparrow, finally having found the treasure. He is sitting on a rocking chair wearing various jewelry he found (including a crown). He is singing along with the shooting pirates and says lines talking about how happy he is to have found his treasure (voiced by Johnny Depp). The lift then safely returns you to the Blue Bayou, as you approach a talking parrot as you exit the ride.


  • This was the final attraction that Walt Disney himself worked on before his death.
  • Disneyland's version of the ride is the only one that is not located in Adventureland.
  • Xavier Atencio was actually a set designer for rides but wrote "A Pirates' Life For Me" only because Walt Disney thought he would be good at it.
  • The dunking pirate captain and the "pooped pirate" are still voiced by their original actors but their voiced were dubbed by voice actor Corey Burton in 2006, adding content about Captain Jack Sparrow to their lines.
  • Captain Jack, Barbossa, and Davy Jones were all voiced by the actors who played those characters in the movies.
  • Before Captain Barbossa was added to the ride, Blackbeard used to be the pirate blasting cannons at the fort aboard the Wicked Wench
  • Thurl Ravenscroft voiced a drunk singing pirate on the ride.
  • This is the first indoor log flume to have a drop similar to the one in it's outdoor clone Splash Mountain instead of logs they use regular boats with a track underwater

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