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Park section
Opening date
July 2, 1967
Closing date
August 21, 1995
Ride type
Futuristic transportation
16 minutes
Replaced by

The PeopleMover was a ride in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. The attraction was also built at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World but under the name Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

Ride history

The ride opened at Disneyland on July 2, 1967, commemorating with the New Tomorrowland phase. The track was placed twenty-one feet above the ground, and wrapped around several spots now home to rides like Astro Orbitor and Star Tours. The ride was constantly moving.

Original cars

After the PeopleMover first opened, guests would either board red, yellow, green, or blue four-car trains. Each of the trains had a roof over it. In 1987, the trains were repainted, now white with a colored stripe meant to make the cars look more modern. In 1968, all of the trains had safety handles installed on the ends of each car. In 1985, the safety handles were refurbished, lowering the possibility of a major incident occurring.

SuperSpeed Tunnel

In 1977, Disney added the SuperSpeed Tunnel to the ride. It was located on the higher level of the Carousel Theater, home to America Sings at the time. In 1982, scenes of Tron were projected on the walls of the tunnel. The attraction was advertised as The PeopleMover Thru the World of Tron.


In August 1995, the ride closed as Imagineers felt the attraction no longer served as a prototype of a future transportation system, but rather, as a place for guests to rest their feet. Most of the memorabilia is gone, but small parts of it remain.


As of today, the track still remains SBNO (standing but not operating). In 1998, Disney built Rocket Rods on the track, and the ride closed down in 2000.

PeopleMover trains

After the closure, the PeopleMover trains were demolished, except for few. One of them used to sit outside the Team Disney Anaheim building but was scrapped in 2007. Another car is located in a Cast Member cafe called the Eat Ticket. Another train is in the hands of an Anaheim resident. When Rocket Rods was around, two trains were placed in the first room of the attraction's queue. The checkout counters at the Green Men Store Command, the store after Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, are actually painted PeopleMover trains.


In 2000, Autopia was refurbished. The old music from PeopleMover now plays at Autopia.

Rumored return

Rumors have spread a big return for the ride, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Disney stated if they were to rebuild the attraction, it would take a long time, considering the track is starting to molt, CAL/OSHA has declared the track unsafe, and most of the ride equipment was taken down after demise.

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