Disney Paint The Night Electrical Parade
HKDL Paint The Night Parade
Hong Kong Disneyland
Soft opening date September 11, 2014
Opening date October 1, 2014
status Operating

Paint the Night (Traditional Chinese: 迪士尼光影匯) is the very first time ever Walt Disney Parks and Resorts created fully LED parade, also features seven original floats containing over 740,000 individual lights.

Hong Kong Disneyland designed interactive "Mickey Mouse Paint Brushes," which, when activated, allows guests to change the colors of performers' costumes. Other wearable merchandise items, such as the "Mickey Glow Mitt" and "Minnie Glow Bow" change colors throughout the show through the use of RFID-enabled technology.

On August 14, 2014, David Lightbody, Director of Entertainment and Costuming of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, to share the news of brand new nighttime spectacular at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, together with Halloween and Christmas season. David Lightbody said that the creative team spent over 2 years and developed over 1,000 scenic and lighting designs to ensure the parade. New technology coupled with unleashed imagination takes this parade to a whole new level and Hong Kong Disneyland guests will enjoy a colorful feast for the guests eyes. Over 25 different styles have been applied in the design and construction of the costumes and many of them have been developed specially for this parade. Each costume has its own very sophisticated system of lighting controls. The team used new technologies in ways that have never been used on costuming before to bring a new perspective to the guests. Interactivity is always a key to enhancing guests' immersive experiences. There are special magic enabled merchandise items developed for the parade. The Park especially designed the all-new interactive merchandise - "Mickey Magic Paint Brush" which allows guests to interact with performers. During two show stop moments of "Disney Paint the Night", guests will be able to "paint the night" with the Paint Brush. It can literally change the colors of the performers’ costumes at the touch of a button. The floats can also ‘talk’ to all other magic-enabled merchandise items, including "Mickey Glow Mitt" and "Minnie Glow Bow" and change the colors of the items to give guests a chance to really become a part of the parade.

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