Games of the Boardwalk
Games of the Boardwalk
Disney California Adventure
Land Paradise Pier
Attraction type Boardwalk games
Opening date February 8, 2001
Games of the Boardwalk is a section of boardwalk games at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California. It is located at Paradise Pier. The renovation is part of the Disney's California Adventure $1.1 billion expansion project. After the renovation, The Games of the Boardwalk reopened on April 7, 2009.


These are the games guests can play. If they win, guests get a prize. These games include:

  • Goofy About Fishin' - A fishing rod game where guests have to dip their fishing rod into the flowing waters and let the magnetic "hook" snatch the snout of a colorful toy fish. Goofy hosts the game.
  • Casey at the Bat - Guests throw a ball through the opened target shaped like the opposing team's catchers in the catcher's mitt.
  • Bullseye Stallion Stampede - Guests must race their stallion across the prairie in a skee ball-like game. Guests sit at one end of the table and roll their rubber balls given to them into the right holes which makes their horse run faster. Guests can play it anyway they want. Bullseye from the 1999 Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 2 hosts this game.
  • Dumbo Bucket Brigade - Guests must save Dumbo and the circus from the flames by helping the clown firemen. Guests grab an old-fashioned water brigade cannon and must squirt a steady stream of water into the center of the bucket. Guests should make sure their clown reaches the top first.

These games were remodeled after the initial games were a failure.


  • Bullseye Stallion Stampede replaced Dolphin Derby, the old game, while Goofy About Fishin' replaced New Haul Fishery. There are now only four games.

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