Fantasyland Disneyland
Opening date July 17, 1955

Fantasyland is one of the themed lands at Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

Fantasyland at the original Disneyland features a central courtyard dominated by King Arthur's Carrousel, in front of which sits a sword in an anvil; several times each day a costumed Merlin helps a child pull the sword from it. Walt Disney once said, "What youngster has not dreamed of flying with Peter Pan over moonlit London, or tumbling into Alice's nonsensical Wonderland? In Fantasyland, these classic stories of everyone's youth have become realities for youngsters - of all ages - to participate in."

In 1983, Fantasyland received a major facelift (dubbed "New Fantasyland") and the attraction facades changed from a Renaissance motif to a fantasy mock-up of a Bavarian village. Fantasyland's main entrance is through Sleeping Beauty Castle. The entrance also contains a separate walk-through attraction that opened in 1957 but was closed from 2001-2008 for security concerns after the September 11, 2001, attacks. The new attraction re-opened in May of 2008.

The plaque in the castle courtyard marks the spot where the Disneyland Time Capsule is buried. Sealed on the 40th anniversary of the park, it contains different things from Disney parks history. It is scheduled to open on July 17, 2035, Disneyland's 80th anniversary which is 40 more years after it was first sealed. The "Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks" show was introduced in 1956, but Tinker Bell's first flight wasn't until 1961. The first Tinker Bell was Tiny Kline, a former circus aerialist.

Attractions and entertainment


  • Troubador Tavern
  • Village Haus Restaurant
  • Edleweiss Snacks
  • Maurice's Treats


  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
  • The Castle Heraldry Shop
  • Fairy Tale Treasures
  • Fantasy Faire Gifts
  • "it's a small world" Toy Shop
  • Le Petit Chalet
  • The Mad Hatter
  • Stromboli's Wagon

Former attractions and entertainment

  • The Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship and Restaurant (1955-1982)
  • Mickey Mouse Club Theater (1955-1982, re-themed as Pinocchio's Daring Journey)
  • Fantasyland Depot (1955-1993, re-themed as Toon Town Depot)
  • Skyway to Tomorrowland (1956-1994)
  • Motor Boat Cruise (1957-1993)
  • Midget Autopia (1957-1966)
  • Skull Rock (1960-1982)
  • Captain Hook's Galley (1982-?)
  • Disney Afternoon Avenue, featuring Disney Afternoon Characters (1991)
  • Ariel's Grotto in Triton’s Garden (1996-2008, re-themed as Pixie Hollow)
  • Fantasyland Theater
    • "Plane Crazy" Stage Show (1991)
    • Beauty and the Beast (1992-1995)
    • The Spirit of Pocahontas (1995-1997)
    • Disney's Animazement - The Musical (1998-2001)
    • Mickey's Detective School (2002-2003)
    • Snow White: An Enchanting Musical (2004-2006)
    • Disney Princess Fantasy Faire (2006-2013)
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