Disneyland Railroad
Disneyland Railroad (Paris)
Disneyland Park (Paris)
Land Main Street, U.S.A., Frontierland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland
Designer Walt Disney Imagineering
Attraction type Railroad
Propulsion method Narrow-guage steam train
Opening date April 12, 1992
Cars per vehicle 6
Ride duration 20 minutes
Length 73 ft (22.3 m)
Maximum speed 17 mph (27.4 km/h)
Originally named Euro Disneyland Railroad (1992-1994)
Sponsored by McDonald's
This is the article about the Railroad at Disneyland Paris. For the Railroad at Disneyland, see Disneyland Railroad.

The Disneyland Railroad (or DLRR for short), originally the Euro Disneyland Railroad (EDRR), is a narrow gauge railroad at Disneyland Paris at the Disneyland Resort Paris in France. It opened together with the park on April 12, 1992. Guests use it as a transportation to other areas of the park or simply for the experience of the "Grand Circle Tour."


Main Street Station is seen upon entering the park. From there, guests can start their journey around the park, with a recorded narration commenting on visited landscapes and attractions.

Trains first cross a diorama recreation of the Grand Canyon, complete with wild animals and storm effects. Travelling behind the Rivers of the Far West, they first stop in Frontierland Depot.

Once they departure Frontierland, trains travel through Adventureland, allowing guests to discover Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril and witnessing the inside of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Guests will now arrive at the Fantasyland Station, located at the British part of Fantasyland (which also includes Peter Pan's Flight and Alice's Curious Labyrinth), guests are given a whole view of the land, and then trains even venture through the facade of It's a Small World.

Finally, trains stop above Star Tours and Captain EO, in the Discoveryland Station. The journey comes to an end once guests return to the Main Street Station.


There are four themed trains:

  • George Washington - Its colors are blue, white and red (representing both France and the United States). Its cars's names are references to places where Washington achieved famous events: Mt. Vernon, Boston, Philadelphia, Yorktown, and Valley Forge. The train is named after George Washington, the first president of the United States.
  • C.K. Holliday - Its name is a reference to the man who built Santa Fe railway. Since this train is a vacation train from the 19th century, its cars are named after vacation places: Coney Island, Atlantic City, Chesapeake, Long Island and Niagara Falls. The Anaheim version of the railroad has a locomotive also called "C.K. Holliday", but it is No. 1.
  • W.F. Cody - "Cody" is Buffalo Bill's real name. The cars are named after Western cities: Silverton, Durango, Denver, Wichita, and Cheyenne.
  • Eureka - It is named after the word Californian miners supposedly yelled (meaning, "I've found it") when they discovered gold in 1849. Therefore, the cars are named after Californian cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Monterey, San Diego and Sacramento.


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