Disneyland Electrical Parade
Disneyland Park (Paris)
Designer Walt Disney Creative Entertainment
Attraction type Nighttime Parade
Opening date November 1, 2012
Ride duration 11 minutes
status Operating
Replaced Disney's Fantillusion
After six years of absence,the entirely new updated Main Street Electrical Parade returned to Disneyland Park (Paris) as Disneyland Electrical Parade on November 1, 2012. It features more characters from the original version, including characters from Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin, Tinkerbell, and lately Frozen (2015). It still features the music of Baroque Hoedown, but sometimes crossovering some other Disney songs.


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Parade Units


Like the Main Street Electrical Parade, the opening floats still include the TinkerBell and the Casey Jr Train featuring Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, which the model of the train is a little different from the others. The Paris version.

  • TinkerBell (1972-1996-2012-present)
  • Casey Jr Train (1985-1995,2001-2012-present)

Alice in Wonderland

Unlike the Disneyland version, the Cheshire Cat is much more larger and newer.Same thing as the other creatures.

Pete's Dragon

The model of Elliot in the Tokyo version was copying the one from the other parks. Until Christmas 2013, Elliot got refurbished into a new, smaller but cuter version. Pete and Elliot still run in this parade nowadays.

  • New Elliot (2013-present)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1985–1991, 2009-Present)

Disneyland version features Dwarfs' Diamond mine train copying the one from other parks,but the diamond mine train ran until 2011 after the second revamp of the parade.

  • Diamond Mine (2010–Present)


Cinderella units are another series of units based on a Disney princess. They're still running as usual nowadays except for one of them.

  • Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother (2001-2012-present)
  • Pumpkin coach (2001-2012-present)
  • Clock Tower with Prince Charming (2001-2012-present)
  • Ballroom (2001-2012-present)


  • Mother Swan (1985-1995,2001-2011-2012-present)
  • Baby Swans (1985-1995,2001-2011-2012-present)

It's a small world

Based on the worldwide Disney parks' boat attraction, It's a small world floats features a number of Disney characters including Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Three little pigs, Pinocchio, Mary Poppins and more. Unlikely, the other parks had retired their versions due to the complaints of some people who think the song would make them go insane. It seems that the Japanese would not have the same situation since this version of the song is an Epic theme. Therefore this is the remaining parade that had It's a small world.

  • Showboat (1985-1995, 2001-2012-present)
  • Airship (1985-1995, 2001-2012-present)
  • The Moon (1985-1995, 2001-2012-present)
  • The Sun (1985-1995, 2001-2012-presnet)
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