Crush's Coaster

Crush's Coaster
Park section
Toon Studio
Opening date
June 9, 2007
Finding Nemo
Ride type
Dark ride/roller coaster

Crush's Coaster is a spinning coaster located at Walt Disney Studios Park. It is the Toon Studio section of the park. The coaster is based off Crush, a 150 year-old sea turtle from the 2003 Pixar film, Finding Nemo.

Ride history

Walt Disney Studios Park announced the project for Toon Studio on January 11, 2005, as well as the envisionment of the Animation Courtyard expansion, with no confirmation on any new attractions or shops yet until April 1, 2007. Details for Crush's Coaster were included in the Toon Studio announcement in January 2005.

Halloween Night remodeling

On Halloween Night in 2010, most attractions in the park, including Crush's Coaster, had a haunted overlay added to them. Crush's Coaster was renamed to Crush's Coaster: Avis de Tempete, which means Crush's Coaster: Notice of Storm in English. 

Ride synopsis

Guests enter Toon Studio through the Toon Backlot. They walk towards the beached soundstage/film set of Finding Nemo. It is themed after Sydney Harbor, the harbor seen in the movie. Crush and the other sea turtles are inviting guests to board a sea turtle and ride through memorable movie moments. 


Guests board their sea turtle shell vehicle at the indoor station. The vehicle then "dives" into the ocean. Guests are taken through a model of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, shown as Nemo's home in the movie, where they meet Nemo and Squirt. Riders then plunge into the dark and deep sea, where they encounter the glowfish Dory and Marlin do when Dory loses the mask. Finally, riders are taken to the Sunken Submarine where Bruce, Anchor, Chum, Dory, and Marlin have their little party, which eventually turns into an explosion. They meet an army of jellyfish and the great white shark, Bruce. Riders then are taken through the dark coaster part of the ride, representing and made to look like  the vehicles are riding the East Australian Current that Dory and Marlin follow to reach Nemo in Sydney Harbor. The ride ends at the brake system, returning guests to the station, with cheers and applause from the turtles and Crush.

Photo Gallery

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