Armageddon Special Effects Show
Park Section
Disney's California Adventure
Ride type
Special effects show
Replaced by
Who Wants to be A Millionaire: Play It!

Armageddon Special - Effects Show

Armageddon Special Effects Show was a cancelled attraction at Disney's California Adventure. The ride was based on the 1998 Jerry Bruckheimer film. The ride was replaced with Who Wants to be A Millionaire: Play It!

Ride Synopsis

After a small introductory film about how all the show's special effects and all about how everything works, the guests board a space station about to become under fire from smaller asteroids on a collision course with Earth. The show uses fog, fire, smoke, steam, and other special effects to make a ride.

Ride Cancellation

The ride's cancellation reaon is unknown, but The Neverland Files think that some of the reasons were for cost, or they were competing against the hard working special effects shows at the nearby Universal Studios park.


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